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The inspiration for this blog stems from a very long engagement between my love of writing and a passion for travel. With some wonderful encouragement from friends, I felt it was high time to marry the two!

My appreciation for travel developed at an early age, when my parents would load us up into the camper and head to Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin for my father's annual US Army Reserve training. Here, we met other kids from around the country, exploring, building friendships, and creating fun adventures.

Eventually, my grandparents became snow-birds, to escape the harsh Michigan winters. Lucky for us, they felt travel was important for kids, so each year, they would take us to various Florida destinations, using this as a catalyst to expand our horizons. My love of manatees, various cultures and Walt Disney World are all a direct result of this. I can still see the sparkle in my grandmother's eye as we rode "It's a Small World". She would happily explain the different cultures each section represented. This is such a treasured memory I now share with my grandchildren when we ride this together.

Many of my uncles had served overseas and would talk about exciting faraway lands. The people, cultures and food, always feeding my curiosity to visit them myself.

At 17, with my parents permission, I joined the US Air Force, serving for five years as a medic. During this time, I met my husband and had a daughter while in Italy. As a full time mom, we tagged along with him while he served the remainder of his 22 year career, until finally settling down permanently near Richmond, VA.

The passion for travel has never left me. In 2012, I began working as a professional travel agent, specializing first in Disney destinations. Later, I expanded to include various cruise lines, then world travel.

My goal is to inform and inspire readers who also love to explore, experience, build memories and embrace life, regardless of their destination by sharing my knowledge of travel.

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