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Traveling During Covid

Updated: Aug 21, 2021




  1. a strong desire to travel. "a person consumed by wanderlust"

Whether you are a seasoned world traveler or someone who vacations closer to home, we are all feeling it.

The need to get away and see something new. Explore new lands and taste delectable foods. Sip ice cold umbrella drinks, wiggling your toes in the sand. Feeling the ocean breeze caress your cheek as you sail the Seven Seas. Rollercoasters and smiling children, squealing in delight.

But wait, is there really such a thing as "safe travel" right now?

Over the past 18 months, through multiple flights to Orlando, theme park visits, road trips in hotels and campgrounds, I've experienced many of the "new norms" of travel.

I've had my fair share of last minute flight changes, but overall these travels have fed my love for adventure and meeting new people. Along with my masks, hand sanitizer, vitamin C and vaccination card, I simply pack an extra dose of patience and flexibility these days.

While we all know there is a risk, there are steps to ensure safer travel. Being prepared by anticipating potential delays and knowing current travel requirements is key.

Covid requirements vary by each location, hotel, cruise line and resort. This includes all domestic, US Territory and international travel. These are important details to know as you assess what your comfort level is. Each person feels differently about mask usage and vaccination requirements. Remember, a vacation is only fun if you can relax and enjoy.

Be prepared for requirements to change, even from your time of booking to pre-travel. Some destinations provide complimentary Covid testing, others can direct you to testing centers at your own expense.

If your passport is less than a year from expiration, be sure you know what the requirements are to enter foreign countries. Both renewal and new passports are taking much longer than normal to process these days.

Know your destination's specific requirements regarding travel insurance. Some require a rider policy specific to that destination covering unforeseen Covid expenses should you develop the virus during your stay. Now more than ever, investing in a good travel protection plan is essential.

For air travel, arrive earlier than normal as unexpected delays are now the norm. To avoid exorbitant food prices, eat a full meal before flight and consider packing some snacks. Using a gallon sized plastic bag to hold food items in makes TSA screening a breeze.

Plan on wearing your mask the duration at both the airport and during flight. Invest in masks which fit your face comfortably. If you experience a delay and need a mask break, visit one of the restaurants in the airport.

During flight, masks may only be removed when actively eating or drinking. Be aware some airlines have suspended the selling of alcohol during flights. Flight attendants will remind travelers to wear their masks properly. Please remember they are only doing their job and trying to keep all passengers safe. A little kindness goes a long way!

Don't forget your earbuds for flights with on-board movies/TV, a book for reading or your favorite Sudoku and cross word puzzles to pass the time during your flight.

Whenever possible, consider using a professional travel agent to book your trip. Agents invest in themselves by visiting destinations they sell, attend training for a variety of vendors and locations. It's vital we stay current with a variety of specific travel needs, including everything discussed above.

While travel agents can't control when a flight is cancelled or changed, we are dedicated to doing our very best to ensure your trip is impacted as minimally as possible and ensure you are properly prepared before you travel.

The added bonus? When using a travel agent, we ensure the most current information regarding your travel is up to date. Should your flight or reservation be impacted, we take care of the necessary calls to update your trip details, saving you hours of hold time.

I hope you'll follow along as I prepare for my upcoming Alaskan Cruise onboard Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Sea. From my Richmond departure all the way to Seattle, I'll share my experience with flights, hotel, shuttles and ship.

As I plan to share all of the good fun stuff, my goal is also to enlighten those thinking about travel or with upcoming adventures with honest posts. The good, the bad and the "new norm" of travel.

If you have a specific question, please send me an email. I'd love to address any questions or concerns you may have.

New updates coming soon!

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